I think that this course is a great alternative to an in-person course and really appeals to the student that may not have the time to travel out of town to take an in-person course. The modules combined videos, a manual to reference and real-life scenario which helped to break up the online training.
Hanna L.

I found the course educational and beneficial for the development of our Food Safety Plan.

David R.
The course contains all the necessary knowledge that can help us succeed in our career as being a food safety professional.
Yihua S.

This course saved time and money by me being able to take it from my office and not having to travel to take a course with a live instructor.

Robby A.
I enjoyed taking this course at my own pace. When I had computer issues, their customer service representative was professional and helpful.
Akiko V.
It caused us to think about how and why the programs are in place.
Jesse L.
It was helpful to be able to take this online instead of having to attend a seminar.
Carla W.
The course helped me understand the FSMA requirements for Preventative Controls and how to build a food safety plan.
Jill N.
As an ISO 9001 trained Lead Auditor who works in the food industry (as well as an old food and paint chemist) I found your course very very helpful and very informative. Top notch and I wished I could take more courses from you folks.
Larry L.

There is a great deal of value to help aid anyone in getting further information regarding the regulatory requirements and how to better understand them.

Nicholas c.

This course provides a detailed logical roadmap toward creating a comprehensive food safety plan.

Lisa H.

This course was extremely helpful to me as someone who works in quality and wants to move up within that field.

Jenna W.

This is a great course that’s been put together in a sequence to help a person understand and retain the knowledge required for PCQI. The tools provided also reference actual parts of the CFR to help provide the legal understanding of the regulations.

Eric W.

I believe this course offers a deeper understanding of Food Safety and is essential for any person in Quality Assurance.

Socorro H.

It reinforced the concept that cGMPs are true foundation of an effective Food Safety Plan.

Estela G.

I did not want to travel to take the course. It was very valuable for me to be able to take it online. I am an older person with limited computer skills and I thought the course was easy to navigate. It helped me to include more risks in my hazard reviews.

Randy W.

A lot of good information and taught in a way to understand easily.

Carmen G.

Excellent Course! Takes you through all aspects to complete a Food Safety Plan and beyond. Very thorough and easy to follow.

Michelle G.

My company warehouses products that contain allergens. The course made me more aware of allergens and cross contamination.

Dustin G.

All food safety personnel would benefit in taking this course.

David R.

Excellent value in terms of educational, content and cost effectiveness. Course balances regulation with actual implementation and how it applies to all aspects of Preventive Controls and Risk Management.

Barney K.

I found it highly valuable because it gave me the insight and equipment I needed at a price I could afford.

Hanna L.