Become PCQI Certified 100% Online!

ImEPIK offers the top FDA and SFCR approved PCQI curriculum. Below are our two course options for the USA and Canada. If you need to purchase courses for multiple participants, please check out our Team Pricing information page.

Our training is 100% online. Take our course at your own pace. Access your PCQI course anytime and anywhere.

The FDA and SFCR will likely want to speak with your PCQI if they have questions or concerns about your safety program or products’ adequacy. If your consumers ever claim harm from a company’s products, your PCQI will play a critical role. The goal of our PCQI training is to prevent foodborne illnesses through safe preparation of food products for human consumption in Canada and the United States. The FDA requires food and beverage facilities to have a minimum of one PCQI to lead the creation, application, and the verification of risk-based preventative controls. Order your online training course today!

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