PCQI Food Safety Training for Finnish Food Imports into the US

$750 (€ 602.11)

As the fifth largest country within the European Union, Finland exports $4.0 billion worth of goods to the United States each year. Though Finland primarily imports goods and services from other countries for themselves, there is certainly a robust and lively export market. E.U. trading makes up about 60 percent of Finland’s total exports, with the largest recipient being Germany and Sweden. Combined two-way trading of goods and services between the US and Finland totaled about $12 billion in 2018.

Those looking to export food from Finland into the United States must comply with U.S. laws and customs. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has stipulated a specific set of rules and customs for Finnish imports, including a salmonella test, and a particular duty of Helsinki’s customs laboratory to inspect each lot of food before it is offered for export. This is just one of several specific regulations to keep in mind. 

In order for Finnish exporters to successfully enter the U.S. market, you need an FDA required PCQI on your team: a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual who can oversee food safety compliance as your food lots are being prepared. The PCQI ensures safety and compliance every step of the way—from product manufacturing to the final check before export. As a member of the European Union, there are some harmonized products, meaning that they are under the same standard of review across the European Union. However, there are also non-harmonized products, which means that the import of certain goods is entirely prohibited. These goods include lamb, equine meat, mutton, and any poultry meat products. 

Self-Paced on your own schedule, 100% online. No webinars, no online classroom.

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Food Safety Training with ImEPIK

If you’re looking to enter the U.S. market, ImEPIK offers online PCQI training for international food manufacturers, including Finnish exporters. With our self-paced program, you will receive comprehensive food safety training that prepares you for working with U.S. companies and importers. With ImEPIK, you will have the knowledge and expertise to get through a complicated process smoothly. 

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When we say the course is “100% Online”, we mean that it’s self-paced and does not require you to schedule a virtual classroom session or attend a webinar. You do the training on your time, whenever you want and from wherever you and your computer/tablet are located. Other PCQI offerings require scheduling Part 1 & 2 sessions to complete the course and receive a completion certificate. Ours is totally self-paced and allows you to avoid stringent scheduling or limited seating in virtual classrooms.

The FDA, not FSPCA, is the regulatory body that sets the standardized curriculum for the PCQI training requirements. The FSPCA is simply another training organization and the FDA does not require that you receive training from them. Our FDA recognized course has been recommended by FDA and independent auditors alike to help their clients comply with Food Safety Plan requirements.

Yes! This course is designed using the FDA approved curriculum, but without the mind-numbing effect of sitting in a classroom lecture for hours on end. It is broken up into 10 modules that include voice-over-narration, animated videos, and interactive exercises complimented by an online study manual. By the end of the course, you will have completed practical situations that culminate with the development of a food safety plan.

Yes, once purchased, your login information remains active and you will continue to have access to all the material. Since our course is entirely online and self-paced, you also have the option to skip through for a refresher on only certain portions.

A Satisfied ImEPIK Customer

ImEPIK’s PCQI Online course provided a good foundational understanding of how to develop and implement a food safety plan from the ground up.


A Satisfied ImEPIK Customer

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