PCQI Food Safety Training for Food Exports from The United Kingdom to the United States

$775 (575 GBP)

To export food to the Unites States from the United Kingdom, manufacturers must have a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI) on staff as part of complying with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). To qualify as a PCQI, one must complete training.

When it comes to complying with FDA requirements, there are quite a few sweeping standards that food being imported into the US must meet. All imports must be clean, safe, and properly labelled by the manufacturer. All food is generally reviewed by the Department of Agriculture or another branch of government working in conjunction with the US government to ensure that food is free of pests or bugs. It is also required that the US receives notification of any incoming imports prior to their arrival so they can prepare for any necessary inspection or testing at the port of entry. Appropriate customs documentation is necessary as well.

Beyond these general considerations, there are many product-specific regulations that PCQI training must cover to ensure that manufacturers comply with all FDA requirements. Because specific requirements vary so greatly by industry, they must be reviewed carefully.

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100% Online
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When we say the course is “100% Online”, we mean that it’s self-paced and does not require you to schedule a virtual classroom session or attend a webinar. You do the training on your time, whenever you want and from wherever you and your computer/tablet are located. Other PCQI offerings require scheduling Part 1 & 2 sessions to complete the course and receive a completion certificate. Ours is totally self-paced and allows you to avoid stringent scheduling or limited seating in virtual classrooms.