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PCQI Online Training

Inspectors and auditors look for a well-trained team, and ImEPIK’s online PCQI program can ensure your company complies with the latest FDA guidance.

Trusted by thousands of food safety professionals, our training is accepted by industry and regulatory officials alike. Implement a culture of food safety in your organization today.

PCQI Online includes the FDA’s standard curriculum and is based on real production scenarios. The course covers:

  • cGMPs and HACCP
  • Preventive controls (e.g. process, allergen, supply chain)
  • Developing a food safety plan (e.g. verification & validation procedures, developing a recall plan, and recordkeeping procedures)

Plus, research shows that online learning like this creates positive food safety outcomes.*

Who Should Take This Course?

This ten-module program is for anyone who works in an FDA-regulated food processing facility and is responsible for the creation and execution of the food safety plan.

Typically managers, supervisors and quality control leads take this course, as well as those seeking to advance to such a position. After passing the exam, you can download your completion certificate to show you’ve been trained.

Companies of all sizes often train multiple PCQIs to ensure that one is available on all shifts, which is why ImEPIK also offers team pricing.

*A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Food Safety and Hygiene Training on Food Handlers, Foods, Sept. 2020, Insfran-Rivarola, et al.

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FDA Standard Curriculum
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When we say the course is “100% Online,” we mean that it’s self-paced and does not require you to schedule a virtual classroom session or attend a webinar. You do the training on your time, whenever you want and from wherever you and your computer/tablet are located.

Most other PCQI offerings are either in-person courses or are partially online and require scheduling additional sessions to earn your completion certificate. ImEPIK’s course is 100% online and totally self-paced, which means you can avoid stringent schedules or limited seating in virtual classrooms.

There is no “accreditation” for PCQI training. You simply receive a completion certificate when you’ve passed the course.

The FDA also does not require that you receive PCQI training through a specific entity or organization. The FDA does, however, require any PCQI training to follow the FDA’s curriculum.

ImEPIK’s PCQI Online not only follows the FDA mandated curriculum but offers additional resources including an online manual, glossary