Bilingual PCQI Training

Inspectors and auditors look for a well-trained team, and our online PCQI program can ensure your company complies with the latest FDA guidance.

Trusted by thousands of food safety professionals, our training certificate is free and widely accepted by industry and regulatory officials.

Who Should Take This Course?

This ten-module program includes the FDA’s Standard PCQI Curriculum, and is for anyone who works in a food processing facility and is responsible for the creation and execution of the food safety plan.

This course supplements the FDA’s curriculum with real-life production scenarios, and covers cGMPs and HACCP, preventive controls (e.g. process, allergen, supply chain), and how to develop an effective food safety plan. After passing the exam, you can download your completion certificate instantly and at no additional cost.

This course is for managers, supervisors and quality control leads, as well as those seeking to advance to such a position.

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100% Online
No Webinars or Scheduled Sessions
100% Self Paced
Content for bakery, product, dairy, ready-to-eat foods and cannabis-infused edibles.
FDA Standard Curriculum
Certificate of Completion

Get the FDA’s Curriculum in Only 10 Modules.
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