The COVID-19 Outbreak has changed the way many organizations are doing business. Those that have the ability to go remote, have done so. The disruption of normal processes has caused many leaders to reconsider how they plan to operate long term. Food production is no exception. As a critical industry that doesn’t stop when emergencies hit, food safety and business continuity through safe production and delivery of food needs to be an essential part of planning, and planning efforts should include online PCQI training.

During transitional periods, keeping safety at the forefront of food manufacturing is imperative. Food companies are now taking additional measures to decrease exposure in facilities, employees, suppliers, and customers. Ensuring business continuity with a fully trained team allows leaders to rest assured that their operations are covered at all times. Training that is 100% online and doesn’t require scheduled virtual sessions can ensure that you have a team of well-prepared Preventive Control Qualified Individuals (PCQI) as mandated in the FDA’s Preventive Controls for Human Food (PCHF) Rule under FSMA.

With companies across industries stepping up to do their part, food manufacturers and producers must do their part to keep both their teams and products safe.

What have we learned?

1. Leverage technology to help reduce risk and improve processes. Solutions like digital and remote meetings help keep businesses moving even when teams are remote. Processes, plans, and training are also being delivered in a consistently digital format. Ensuring that digital systems are in place in advance allows for seamless transitions to remote at a drop of a hat if needed.

2. Have multiple people trained in roles to improve coverage, knowledge, and risk if one person is sick or unavailable. Does your business rely on a single person in a role? This can cause continuity risk or stagnation for preparedness. Having multiple team members trained helps ensure the role is always filled and knowledge is fresh.

3. Being flexible with schedules will allow companies to keep their most valued employees. Business disruptions have caused many employees to have to adjust their normal schedules. Allowing training at flexible times is easy without scheduled classrooms, travel, or webinars.

4. Budgets are tight. Extra costs like travel and classroom training have likely been cut. Going digital reduces overhead, but also allows critical roles to continue to stay compliant and up-to-date with 100% online training.

5. Planning is critical. We all know preparedness is a cornerstone for food safety, but COVID-19 has presented new challenges. Is your team prepared and trained?

PCQI Training Made Easy with ImEPIK 100% Online Course

Online learning, or eLearning, in a remote business capacity from any location or device, works when the training is easy to navigate, interactive, has real-world practice scenarios, and evaluated knowledge levels and skills. The best digital learning is motivational, gives helpful feedback, and uses problem-based teaching well.

Challenges Solved:

Travel restrictions and budget cuts may now limit your planned training. No problem! Save time and expense with our online course. Skip the cost of travel and scheduled webinars or instructors with our self-paced, remote course.

Facing changes or disruptions to normal routines? No problem! Stay ahead with your training using our FDA-recognized course!

Existing scheduled training got canceled? No problem! ImEPIK offers discounts and support for businesses and individuals with proof of canceled or disrupted training.

Does your company work with a specific product such as baked goods, dairy or ready-to-eat products? Our experts created real-life practice scenarios to help you apply regulatory practice to your plan right now.

ImEPIK – experts in online PCQI training for food safety

ImEPIK’s FDA-recognized, self-paced online PCQI course offers updated material that contains the latest FDA guidance. Our 20-hour comprehensive program breaks down into 10-minute segments to prepare you for a career as a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual. The course is interactive, self-paced and doesn’t require long webinars or scheduled virtual sessions. Each module is designed for you to apply immediately to your facility.

Ensure your company is prepared with robust training for PCQIs and food safety team members.

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