How the Pandemic Changed Food Safety

It’s no secret that the Coronavirus pandemic made 2020 a difficult year in the food industry. Major outbreaks have happened in lots of food processing centers, most notably in meatpacking plants. But the pandemic also brought opportunities. Many food manufacturers have begun implementing new pandemic food safety procedures, training, and technology to reduce the possible spread of infectious viruses through food, and have adapted to the changing landscape of food production in 2021.

What Did the Pandemic Change in Food Safety?

There are lots of different ways that the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic changed the approach to and practice of food safety, including:

  1. Emphasis on online training – Online training is much less risky than in-person training when it comes to exposure to viruses, in addition to offering unique, interactive courses that can help workers put what they learn into practice.
  2. Less travel and more remote work – Those working in administration and white-collar jobs in food safety are working from home in most cases. Travel has also been restricted by most companies in the food industry to reduce infection risk.
  3. Higher focus on food safety training – Food safety training is more important than ever before. COVID-19 has shown that a pandemic is a considerable risk in today’s globalized environment. Proper food safety training is necessary to mitigate risks in food manufacturing.
  4. Greater emphasis on GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) – GMPs like creating a strong worker illness policy and requiring the use of PPE have gained increased visibility thanks to COVID-19. More food manufacturers are taking another look at their policies and current GMPs to ensure they are complying and minimizing risk wherever possible.

Why Choose ImEPIK tor Food Safety Training?

Proper food safety training is the cornerstone of any response to COVID-19 – and that’s where ImEPIK comes in. We are a reputable, well-known supplier of online food safety training, and we can provide your workers with the insight, knowledge, and deep technical skills required to implement proper food safety controls on your production line.

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COVID-19 has changed everything for food manufacturers. So, protect your business, your workers, and your reputation. Make sure your team gets the in-depth food safety training they need from ImEPIK.

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