At ImEPIK, food safety is our business – so we always celebrate World Food Safety Day each year on June 7. World Food Safety Day is a time for raising awareness about the importance of food safety – both for consumers and industry professionals.

World Food Safety Day puts a global spotlight on the importance of safe, clean food and water. It’s also an opportunity for food manufacturers to think about how they can do their part to enhance food safety.

Take Action in 2021 World Food Safety Day

This year, the calls-to-action for World Food Safety Day are the same as they were in 2020 – because these actions matter just as much this year as they did last year.

  1. Ensure it’s safe – Government agencies and regulators must ensure that everyone has access to safe, nutritious food that’s free of contamination by taking the steps needed to regulate food production and distribution.
  2. Grow it safe – Food safety doesn’t just rely on food processors and manufacturers, but the role of agricultural players is also important. Agricultural businesses, food producers, and farmers must also adopt safe practices for growing food, raising livestock, and selling their products.
  3. Keep it safe – Business operators – from logistics companies to food processing plants, grocery stores, restaurants, and more – are responsible for maintaining safety all along the supply chain. All operators need to stay up-to-date with the latest standards.
  4. Team up for food safety – Food safety is a team effort. Government agencies, farmers, food companies, and consumers alike must work together and team up for better food safety – both today and in the future.

How Can I Participate in World Food Safety Day?

Wondering how you can participate in World Food Safety Day as a food manufacturer? Here are a few of the things you can do to contribute to healthier food and water!

  • Spread the word – If you’d like to get involved and spread the word about food safety, check out this page from the FDA. It’s full of valuable suggestions and information you can use to share the importance of food safety, prevent foodborne illnesses, and more. The WHO (World Health Organization) also has valuable resources on the importance of food safety.
  • Review your food safety procedures – There’s never a wrong time to review your food safety procedures. No matter what type of food you’re making, there’s always more you can do to ensure the quality of your products. One critical way to ensure your product is safe for consumption is to train your employees to correctly handle food products and raw ingredients.
  • Enroll in food safety courses – At ImEPIK, we offer PCQI (Preventive Controls Qualified Individual) training. Our food safety courses can help you refresh your knowledge, enhance your compliance with food safety laws, and ensure you create the safest products possible.

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